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RECOMMENDED WEB SITES  - updated 5/20/08 



Is ROI Overrated? by Dr. James T.  Brown PMP PE CSP

Stop "Monkey-ing" Around with Your Projects by Matt Harrison, PMP

The Daily Project Scrum by David Williamson, MBA, PMP

Silence can be Deadly by Carrie Lee

30 Books Every IT Leader Must Read by By Eric Chabrow


Give Your Resume an Extreme Makeover 

The Thrill of the Hunt: Get Real in Your Job Search by Kathleen Conners

  • Available at www.1stbooks.com  (ISBN-1-4107-8000-7) for $12.95 plus shipping -  It can be ordered at major retailers and on line at Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com for $15.50.  
  • Kathleen@kconnersllc.com | (719)576-7660 phone  | (719)576-1238 fax 


White Paper: Theory of Constraints Project Management by Jacob and McClelland

Abstract: Whether your organization manages stand-alone or multiple projects, whether those projects are large or small, whether your customers are internal or external, or whether the nature of the work performed is product development, construction, design, IT, or service; most projects are difficult to manage because of two things:

  1. They involve uncertainty, and
  2. They involve three different and opposing commitments: Due date, budget, and content

In organizations that attempt to manage multiple concurrent projects with common, shared resources, the job is even more challenging.  To learn more, see the white paper.

White Paper: Project Management as a Business Building Tool, by Michelle LaBrosse, PMP CEO, Cheetah Learning

Abstract:  Project management is a powerful business tool. You can use Project Management (PM) throughout your organization to boost personal and collaborative productivity and ultimately show triple digit return on investment. In this paper, we'll explore the use of PM throughout the enterprise and show you how to build a standardized system that embeds PM best practices. You'll use our return on investment model to illustrate the benefits to your bottom line, and we'll show the success formula that Cheetah Learning used to achieve an average 500% per year revenue growth over the past four years. The power of project management isn't a theory.

To learn more, see the white paper.


ROI BRIEFINGS/CASE STUDIES by International Institute for Learning, Inc

Web Presentation: The Unified Project Management Methodology

White Paper: The Business Value of Embracing a Unified PM Methodology


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